The Garifuna Music Reader

Ch 1: Garifuna Music and Ritual Arts                      by Oliver N. Greene


Ch 2: Notating Garifuna Rhythms             by Matthew Daugherty and Emery Yost


Ch 3: Song and Ritual as a Key to Understanding Garifuna Personality                                                 by E. Roy Cayetano


Ch 4: The Dügü Ritual of the Garifuna of Belize: Reinforcing Values through Music and Spirit Possession                                                                 by Oliver N. Greene


Ch 5: Music, Healing and Transforming Identity in Lemesi Garifuna (the Garifuna Mass)                      by Oliver N. Greene


Ch 6: Music Behind the Mask: Men, Social Commentary and Identity in Wanáragua (John Canoe)                                                                       by Oliver N. Greene



Ch 7: Celebrating Settlement Day in Belize             by Oliver N. Greene


Ch 8: “There are no Caribs in Africa”: Garifuna Encounters with Blackness in the Life of Don Justo Flores                                                                         by Peitra Arana and Alfonso Arrivillaga Cortés


Ch 9: Punta Rock: A Musical Ethnography             by Amy Frishkey


Ch 10: The Garifuna Transformation from Folk to World Music                                                             by Peitra Arana


Ch 11: Remember Andy Palacio (1960 – 2008): the Life and Influence of a Garifuna Musical Icon         by Oliver N. Greene
Ch 12: Ethnicity, Modernity and Retention in the Garifuna Punta


by Oliver N. Greene

Ch 13: Garifuna Song, Groove Locale, and “World-Music” Mediation by Michael Stone


Ch 14: Hearing Culture Selling Culture: Aurality and the Commodification of the Garifuna Popular Music by Oliver N. Greene